It grabbed out attention because for the third time in less than ten days, a KPD cruiser was parked not far from our home in West Kennewick near Kamiakin. It was in the same spot as the last time this store was held up.

A call to Kennewick police Tuesday revealed that for the 3rd time in just a few days, the Jet Mart Conoco on Volland, just North of Canal Drive, was robbed.

The officer we spoke to was Dayshift and released very little details, but it occurred sometime between 9 and ten pm. It is not known if the suspect matched the description of the previous two, including using a knife to rob the clerk.

No other information was available Tuesday morning. -The store has been robbed three times now since April 9th.  The 'troubled' store has seen it's share of previous incidents, including at least two armed robberies since later 2016. And last year, around May 8th, an intoxicated driver plowed their car through the front window and wall of the store.

UPDATE---Kennewick police now say the suspect used knife, and matched the same general description as the ones from the previous two robberies. The clerk was not injured in the robbery. Police believe they are connected.

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