The National Weather Service and Townsquare Media weather center have issued a weather warning for the Tri-Cities and Lower Columbia Basin.

Through Monday morning, conditions being labeled "hazardous" due to stagnant air, smoke and haze.  Westerly winds began pushing it our way Thursday, and it's going to hang around. Temps will not be too bad, very low 90's and upper 80's and 50's at night, but inversions will trap a lot of smoky air close to ground.

However, Monday night, and Tuesday, there is a chance of rain, 20%, that could scrub some of this out. After a bit of rain, we should return to sunshine Wednesday or Thursday.   Alert is shared below.

"A Smoke Air Quality Alert has been issued. Smoke from wildfires
burning in the region combined with smoke moving in from the fires
across Oregon and California will cause air quality to reach
unhealthy levels. Air quality categories will vary from moderate to

Unhealthy air quality means that everyone, especially sensitive
groups, should limit time spent outdoors, avoid strenuous
activities, and choose light indoor activities."

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