Because of clear skies and warmer weather, the Perseid Meteor Shower is one of the best light shows in the sky ever. Here's how to best enjoy it the next two nights.

Stargazers should, according to NW Cable News, employ the following techniques Thursday and Friday nights to watch the hundreds of meteors that will be passing across the sky. This annual meteor show can generate as many as 80-100 of the objects rocketing across the distant night sky.  Thursday and Friday will be the best nights to watch.

  • If possible get away from city lights, go to a more rural area. Even if the city is close by, not having streetlights and other light 'interference' will help you see better.
  • If you can, stay up late. Some of the best viewing will be after midnight towards dawn. Plus, because there's a new moon, we won't have additional light in the sky.
  • If you're outside Thursday night, look up at around 10:11pm Pacific time, and if you watch carefully, you will see the International Space Station passing overhead.  In our region, it will be almost directly overhead, so look straight up and start scanning.

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