A great reason to stay up Saturday night, to see a very rare phenomenon--the Super Moon.

Ever noticed sometimes the moon looks "bigger" in the sky than others?  You're NOT imaging things!  In layman's terms, at 8:34 pm Pacific, the moon will be closer to the earth than usual, about 50,000 kilometers closer.  How?

 The moon's orbit is elleptical, or take a circle and squish it a little flat.   When the moon is closest to the earth because of that elleptical orbit, AND it's a full moon, it makes it look 14% larger and 30 times brighter than a usual full moon.  The last time we had a 'super moon', according to NASA, was March 19, 2011.

  The Super Moon should be at it's peak right around 8:34 pm, so keep and eye out to  the skies.  AND, if you get a pictures, send it to us (attn John McKay) and we will create a very cool slide show!

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