If you're like millions, you're glued to the FYI Network, watching Tiny House Nation, or Tiny House Hunting. It's a movement to ultra-small homes that has captured the imagination of many.

Now, according to our news partner KNDU-TV, some builders are hoping the movement sticks in Yakima.

Designer Darin Tusler has produced a series of blueprints and designs (and some actual prototypes) of tiny homes that are 400 square feet or less-the official definition of a "tiny house."

Tusler says these homes can be built for anywhere from $40 to 55,000 and take a little over a month to construct.  He and designer Paul Billings are hoping the national movement will attract consumers in the region.

As seen on the national TV show, most tiny home seekers are folks who either have had their children grow up and move out, or are seeking a simpler lifestyle that allows them to move the home to various areas of they wish.

Most of these homes utilize solar or generators for energy and power, and beefed up camping-style bathroom amenities, although their insides are rather impressive. Many contain scaled-down features found in larger homes, just re-sized for the tiny house size.

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