You've probably seen the ads and shows on the fyi TV network, and it appears the craze is sweeping the nation...Tiny Houses. Are they catching on here?

Tiny House Nation is one of our favorite shows, and features people who decide they want to minimize their huge homes, get rid of junk, clutter and more, and go 'tiny.'

Some of the advantages include a paid-for home, mobility, lower bills, and freedom. Plus depending upon the size, remarkable designs can result from a 2-300 square foot dwelling.

Last fall, a Tri-City resident named Sara Kinsey put her home on display, and was featured by some local TV stations. That got us thinking, how much is the Tiny House movement catching on here?

We did find her Facebook page, which journals her story, and the process she went through making her own tiny house. Students at Tri-Tech school in Kennewick also built a couple of the homes, which will be sold to help raise money for the school.

But are people snapping up these homes here in our area?

According to the website, there's about 2,866 tiny homes listed for sale in Washington state, 50 builders listed who construct them, and 56 of them for rent.

According to the website, within a 70 mile radius of Kennewick, there's listings for 8 such tiny homes, including 3 in Pasco, two in Walla Walla, and one in Boardman, OR, which says it's a floating home! But no picture was included with the listing.

But if you're looking to build a tiny house, better be prepared to drive. There's only two within a 200 mile radius of the Tri-Cities, one in Leavenworth, the other in Krupp, WA.


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