Visiting the John Dam Plaza might have been my demise this year, particularly right before Christmas! My four year old Granddaughter and I were driving past the park, when we discovered the tiny houses that were set up in preparation for Richland's Winter Wonderland. There was no driving past once that little girl set her eyes on those giant dollhouses, so we stopped and discovered!

We ran from house to house, peeking in windows, checking for open doors and discussing how our cat "Bubba" would love to live in these perfectly sized homes. The houses were lined up along the brick pathway in the park, just like they were built along the Richland city streets.

After our visit I decided to do some research and get the exact reasoning for these dollhouse type homes and their display. I found the latest description on the Richland Parks and Recreation Facebook page and this is what I found:

Welcome "F" House - the newest addition to the Alphabet Homes Village. The mini homes are replicas of the government-built homes brought to Richland in the 1940s; more commonly known as the Alphabet Homes and are on display at John Dam Plaza as part of the Winter Wonderland production. They have been reconstructed at a smaller scale and decorated to give our guests a glimpse of what these homes may have looked like during the early days of our government-era town. We love sharing this history with all and seems so fitting to do so during the holiday season. Enjoy!

These homes are just a part of the Holiday decorations they have planned for their Winter Wonderland. For more information on this event click HERE.

F House


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