Kennewick police are no stranger to this 56-year-old transient, who's not even supposed to be in Columbia Park. Pictured is his campsite, and bathroom.

Police report Daniel Knight was arrested on charges of public defecation after a getting a call Monday morning from a citizen, who saw a man defecating in public near the bike trail by Hartford Street and Columbia Park Trail.

Upon arrival, police found Knight, who told them he's a transient living in the area. Police say he's committed other similar acts, and has been banned from the park. City crews cleaned up a significant amount of garbage and human waste from the area where he was living.

Officials say if people see folks who are obviously camping or living in the park, they should call the Kennewick Police dispatcher at (509)-628-0333.  It's illegal for transients, or anyone else, to set up habitation or illegally camp out in Columbia Park.