WA state Dept of Fish and Wildlife
WA state Dept of Fish and Wildlife

It has affected bodies of water near Walla Walla, even the Columbia River near Richland. Now, the toxic slime is back in Moses Lake.

  Blue Heron Park boat launch closed til further notice

The Grant County Sheriff's Office has released information from the Grant County Health Department about the area being closed due to toxic algae.

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The Blue Heron area is popular with recreators, but now that area is closed. The GCSO says warnings have also been posted around other areas of the lake as well.

   Toxic algae is becoming more of an issue

 Moses Lake has seen its share of this before, and Bennington Lake near Walla Walla, the McNary Wildlife Refuge along Highway 12, and even part of the Columbia River near Richland have also been affected.

In case you've never seen toxic algae, the GCSO provided some information:

"Watch for and avoid areas of scum which could contain the blue-green algae toxin
• Do not drink the lake water
• Keep all pets & livestock away from the lake water"
    Yes, pond scum is often a form of algae, it's just a matter of it reaching a toxic stage. These blooms are often the result of warmer weather, stagnant water, and sometimes fertilizer runoff or other nutrients in the water that favor growth.

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