Of course, a company, store, business or other entity has the freedom and right to support or champion whatever causes they see fit. Only this time, however, the new bathroom policies of a multi-national chain could bring dire consequences.

As reported by Breitbart.com,  taking a stand on controversial issues is nothing new for the Target store chain. However, the firestorm that has erupted over their new transgender bathroom policy has resulted in a national boycott effort on social media, and called attention to numerous incidents of men claiming to be 'women' in order to carry out dangerous and disgusting acts in women's bathrooms and other facilities.

This isn't the first time however, that Target has engaged in policies, activities or causes that have raised eyebrows or controversy.

In  August 2015, announced they were re-engineering or re-designing their children's sections by removing "gender specific labels" on clothing and toys.

Also a year ago, the chain was a sponsor of the Out and Equal Conference, a gathering designed to pressure or force corporations into adopting what was called a more gay-friendly workplace and policies.

The chain also drew the ire of many when they posted signage asking people who had legal conceal and carry weapons permits to NOT bring their guns into the store with them-despite being legally able to  do so.

As we said, a company can champion whatever causes they wish. But in this case, there's bon-fide evidence their new policy could potentially endanger women and children, and as we reported earlier this month, appears to infringe upon the privacy and rights of women.