Pasco and Yakima police, and U.S. Army officials were busy with a bizarre case from Friday.

It seems a man who had been staying at the Mission in Pasco decided he needed to get to Yakima, to the Military Training Center so he could join up.

34-year-old Kerry E. Brooks was able to somehow break into the compound of the National Guard Armory in Pasco at 127 West Clark.

He found a Humvee parked there, and was able to hotwire and get it started. But since the gate was locked, he exited the facility by driving THROUGH the chain link fence.  He drove to Yakima to the Military Training Center and told officials he had the Hummer from Pasco and he wanted to enlist.

Needless to say, his goals were not met, except that he's facing multiple charges and he will NOT become all he can be in jail.

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