There may be a second chance for the defeated Regional Aquatic Center.

Despite being defeated by a 55 to 45 percent margin in the election Aug. 6,   the Tri-Cities Regional Public Facilities District might ask voters to approve the $35 million facility again this fall.

Regional PFD officials also believe poor voter turnout didn't help. Only 25 percent of eligible voters participated in the primary election. Less than 31,000 votes determined the fate of the proposal. Statewide, election officials described turnout as "dismal." Officials say turnout might reach 30 percent by the time all ballots are counted statewide.

Last year, primary turnout statewide was about 39 percent with over 81 percent participation in the November general election, which included the race for president.

The Regional PFD will meet Aug. 14 to chart a course of action that might include putting the Aquatic Center back on the November ballot, but no decision has been made yet.