The Washington State Attorney General's Office has released a breakdown of where the $123 million from Johnson & Johnson is going as part of the Opioid Lawsuit Settlement.

   Benton, Franklin, Walla Walla Counties get funds.

The AG's office has released data showing where the opioid money is going. As part of a series of lawsuits against major pharmaceutical companies, WA and other states blamed the recent opioid drug crisis on the businesses, accusing them of heavily influencing physicians and other medical professionals into prescribing the drugs.

They also accused the companies of other forms of advertising and 'persuasion' to further market the drugs.

Now, Benton, Franklin Walla Walla Counties, and some cities will be getting a portion of that money.  It has to be used, according to the AG's office, for drug treatment and prevention-related programs.

Benton County will get $817,749, Franklin $185,108, Walla Walla County $305,309.  The City of Kennewick will receive $298.248, Richland, $266,963, Pasco $235,549, and the City of Walla Walla $172,767.

According to the AG's Office:

"The Legislature will determine how the state share is further allocated in communities around the state. All spending decisions must be consistent with the state Opioid Response Plan. Examples of approved programs include substance abuse treatment, housing or other wrap-around services, youth- or tribal-focused prevention programs, support for first responders and other evidence-based programs and services that will help communities heal."

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No specific timetable was released about when the funds will be sent to the communities.


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