The Pasco School district has called for a vote on re-aligning the Columbia Basin Big 9 Conference to help alleviate expenses and streamline travel.

The Big 9 schools principals will meet Thursday to vote on possibly splitting the Big 9 into North and South Divisions, a move that would considerably cut travel costs and expenses.     Kennewick, Kamiakin, Southridge, along with Richland, Hanford, Chiawana and Pasco, would be in the same division.   It would allow for traditional rivalries to be re-instituted.  For the last few years,  the league has been divided by 4A and 3A, meaning often Richland and Kamiakin won't play, or Pasco and Kennewick have not always met every year.    More importantly,  Tri City and Pasco School officials say the move would save a lot of money in travel expenses.   With the state facing a 1.4 billion shortfall, cuts are already being made in some school districts.   Although nothing is official,  if expenses continue to climb, and a solution is not found,  Mid Columbia schools may have to consider a plan to have students pay  to play their chosen sport- Fees well above and beyond the minor costs normally associated with HS Sports.