Police and power company officials near Sherwood, OR, are trying to figure out how a small truck became entangled in a tree... 10 feet off the ground!

The truck, which appeared to be an extensively modified Toyota or Nissan, was first noticed in the tree early Sunday morning near the intersection of Highway 99 and Middleton Road near Sherwood southwest of Portland.

Firefighters scanned the truck with thermal imaging equipment and found to be empty.  No accident reports were taken by police and none of the surrounding hospitals reported any unusual or auto-related injury cases.

Authorities suspect a possible accident, as the right front wheel was torn loose, and the truck's back (frame) appeared to be broken just behind the cab. The truck was clearly bent or broken in the middle when it was placed on a rollback.

No one has stepped forward with any leads. Police did not say if the vehicle's license plates or VIN number has led them to the owner, or an explanation of how it got 10 feet up in the tree.