The event was shared on social media, we got wind of it yesterday. MAGA Meetups are pro Trump-Pence impromptu rallies that are being staged across the country, and Friday there was one at the corner of Canal Drive and CC Boulevard in Kennewick.

From that intersection spreading south, by 11:30 at least 75-80 people, plus probably another dozen on the CC Mall side of the road. A mix of people, from teens and young adults to older folks waved flags, signs and hats, greeting the cars and traffic.

As we were leaving, we saw people still walking up in various small groups towards the event.

The participants also practiced social distancing, stretching all the way from CC Blvd. and Canal to past Shari's Restaurant.

There were also a variety of Trump merchandise items available for donation as well. The reception we saw from passers by was positive, lots of honks, waves, thumbs up and a giant black truck drove by flying at least five flags with kids waving from the back windows.

It's interesting to note that as of 11:30 AM at least, (the rally was scheduled til 1PM) there were no signs of any counter protesters.

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