A TSA inspector working at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport has been indicted on allegedly stealing i-pads from passengers luggage over the last 8 months.

Clayton Keith Dovel, 36 of Bedford Texas, was arrested in early February, and last week was officially indicted on the charges.  The charges, that were filed late last week, could land him up to ten years in jail. 

  The suspicion began in January, when a traveler reported his i-pad was missing January 24th from his bags.  He was able to electronically trace the i-pad to Dovel's home.  When confronted, Dovel stated it was his but he 'couldn't remember where he bought it'(!)...wow!  The charges claim he is responsible for thefts clear back to November.  TSA issued a statement saying Dovel's behavior does not reflect the 50,000 plus agents who work hard to ensure the safety of travelers across the US.

   However, this now brings the number of TSA agents, whether inspectors, screeners or other employees, who have been charged or accused with a variety of crimes against passengers (mostly theft) well into the double digits over the last 18 months!