The TSA has been taking your money!According to the group, and an NBC News report, hurried travelers trying to make it through TSA security in airports left behind nearly half-a-million dollars in loose change in the security bowls last year!

Instead of attempting to alert passengers or putting the money to good use, the Transportation Security Administration pocketed the money and used it for their own purposes.

NBC News reports travel rights groups are attempting to petition the government to either make TSA workers notify passengers whenever possible, or Paul Hudson of FlyersRights says the federal government should mandate such lost money be given to groups that look out for the rights of passengers.

Hudson says we have the Food and Drug Administration and a host of other agencies that are designed to provide consumer protection. But there isn't any federal bureau that protects the rights of air travelers. Congressional leaders have attempted several times over the last few years to pass legislation that would force TSA to donate the money to the USO (United Services Organization).

The amount of change and money left behind has risen from around $432,000 just three years ago to its present levels. The news reports about the TSA pocketing the money has not helped its image. According to some congressional officials, it's believed some TSA security officers are dropping the change in their own pockets as well.

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