The Secretary of the Army announced this week that due to mandatory budget cuts, no more military members from any branch will be receiving funding from the Tuition Assistance Program until further notice.The program was one of the largest that provided assistance for military enrolled in higher education programs. Personnel already in the program prior to March 5 will NOT be affected, but no new applications will be taken. Oregon National Guard officials alone report some 350 members will now have to seek other forms of financial assistance.

Diane Beach, education services officer for the Oregon Education Department, says G.I. Bill assistance is still available for those who qualify.

This could impact soldiers' ability to finish post-secondary education. In 2012, more than 305,000 Army and Air Force members utilized the Tuition Assistance Program nationwide.

The biggest impact in Washington will be at Pierce College. The military is also concerned if the money is not restored they will lose a big recruiting tool.

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