Sadly, most of the DUI accidents we report involve only one impaired driver, and often innocent victims in the other vehicle bear the brunt of the accident. But this one was a rare double 'whammy.' This is the intersection where it happened.

Wednesday Kennewick police reported to an accident near Canal Drive and Quincy Streets. David Rae, the driver of one of the vehicles, apparently failed to yield right of way to a car driven by Crystal Thorne. Neither of their ages were listed.

According to Kennewick police, BOTH drivers were impaired and had suspended driver's licenses! Both are facing Driving While Impaired charges, driving on suspended charges, and Rae with vehicular assault because of injuries suffered by Thorne.

We're certainly NOT making light of anyone who gets hurt in a car wreck, impaired or not, but we couldn't resist passing on one social media comment from Facebook on the story.  One poster wrote "hey-you got peanut butter in my chocolate."


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