Following the announcement last week by Dr. Anthony Fauci, UW Medicine Wednesday Feb .3 released information to clarify the possible confusion about  his 'two mask' statement.

Fauci, who has already come under extreme criticism for his pendulum approach to COVID-19 (back and forth, seemingly changing his stance) claimed wearing two masks "couldn't hurt" in the prevention of spreading COVID.

However, UW Medicine released this information: (from UWMedicine News)

"Dr. Seth Cohen, head of the UW Medicine Infectious Disease and Travel Clinic, says one well-fitted mask is more important than wearing two. This measure, along with social distancing and hand washing, should provide protection, even against the variants spreading in communities now, he said."

By the way, the CDC has not endorsed Fauci's idea either.  To get more information on Dr. Cohen, click on the button below. UW Medicine has had some good data in the COVID pandemic, it is hoped this will provide some clarity.

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