A new study released by the UW School of Medicine cautions pregnant women against eating what they call ultra-processed food and fast food; but not for reasons you might think.

 Study says the packaging and plastics could be an issue

UW Medicine released information from a report published in the publication Science Direct, indicating that the packaging of pastries and many fast foods could possibly be harmful to pregnant women.

UW says an occasional fast-food run or bear claw isn't going to be horrific (provided the woman is not on strict dietary guidelines) but some of the chemicals and processes used to package and serve the food could be problematic.

According to the UW-Science Direct information:

"Oddly enough it’s not the food that the report targets –not the fries, burgers, or even the shakes and cakes -- but what touches the food before you eat it. Research shows that phthalates, a class of chemicals associated with plastics, can shed from the wrapping, packaging and even from plastic gloves worn by food handlers into food."

They went on to say:

"Previous literature has indicated that exposure to phthalates during pregnancy can increase the risk of low birth weight, preterm birth, and child mental health disorders such as autism and ADHD."

UW says this is the first study to make this link between ultra-processed food and phthalates can result in health issues. For more on this story from UW, click here. 

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