Washington State Is One Of The Top States In The Nation For UFO Sightings

It could be a case of ET flying home out of the Tri-Cities Friday night as an unidentified UFO streaked across the Washington State skies.

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There Is A National Database That You Can Report Your UFO Sighting

The UFO sighting was later reported over Mattawa, Seattle, and Portland. Viewers spotted the long strip of lights at about 9:45 PM and had onlookers wondering what was occurring.

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My boss Brian managed to snap a photo of the UFO high above the Tri-Cities.

Brian Paul Lubanski
Brian Paul Lubanski

UFO Sighting Saturday Night Has Viewers Looking Skyward Snapping Pictures

I'm a huge science fiction fan and would love to have this particular sighting be the real thing but alas there was logical reasoning for the UFO sighting over the weekend in Tri-Cities.

Concerned viewers did report the sighting to the Washington State chapter of the MUFON. MUFON stands for Mutual UFO Network that keeps track of such sightings.

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The real reason behind the UFO's trail of lights is attributed to Elon Musk's Starlink Satellites.

The Satellites were spotted over the weekend throughout the weekend and there's an actual website that you can check out that follows their movement.

It's another false alarm for a true UFO or as I was told UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) is the new terminology for tracking unknown airborne lights and craft.

If you do see a UFO, you can still report it here. 

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