You know the adage, beauty is on the inside right? One Oregon home looks unassuming but inside it's breathtaking!

Take A Peek Inside This Amazing Oregon Home That's Unassuming

I was blown away by this Oregon residence. It truly looks like a movie set on the inside.

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Oregon Home Looks Movie Set Perfect

You know when you watch a movie, the sets look amazing inside a home and this Oregon house has some amazing attention to detail that could easily make this residence a movie set.

Inside This Oregon House Is An Amazing Castle Themed Home

The house is currently off the market in Newport Oregon but inside, it looks unbelievable.

Take a peek inside this amazing Oregon home, you'll be blown away by the multiple rooms that look like they could step right out of a movie set.

Unassuming Oregon House Looks Like an Elegant Movie Set on the Inside

Check out this amazing unassuming Oregon home that looks like an elegant movie set inside

This Oregon home is located at 2114 NE Crestview Dr in Newport Oregon and currently is valued at $720,000 and here's its description according to

Your home can be your castle in this unique home with 17th century stained glass windows, hand carved woodwork, crystal chandeliers, gilt molding, exquisite stucco ceiling and more. The large kitchen is 45' long and features tall cabinets with inlayed wood from an English tavern, fireplace, and hand carved back door. The 30' long master suite is a work of art, with too many treasures to list.

It's an amazing property that from the street seems unassuming but inside hides a castle. You can check out more about this amazing Oregon by following this link here.

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