Franklin county officials have identified the man who drowned in an irrigation canal on Taylor Flats Road near Ringold Road, and they say it happened hours before the car was seen.

The Coroner's office says after an examination, it appears 56-year-old Donaciano Flores-Figueroa likely drove into the canal sometime after midnight Sunday night or very early Monday morning. His car was likely in the canal for at least six hours before a farmer spotted it around 6:30 am that morning.  There have been no reports of anyone seeing the car actually enter the water.

It's likely due to that being a somewhat dark stretch of road, it's likely the car crashed without anyone seeing it, and at that late hour, probably little passing traffic.

Officials haven't yet said how they think the car ended up there, they're awaiting results of blood and toxicology tests to see if drugs or alcohol were involved.

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