Due to a Congressional plea and agreement with USPS officials,  none of the proposed 252 mail processing closings will take place until at least mid May 2012. 

This will also delay the closing of many of the 3,700 post offices that are under review.  This will also directly affect any action being taken on the Pasco and Spokane processing centers.   USPS officials had announced they were closing Yakima, then Pasco, and moving it to Spokane.    Numerous other west side centers are also slated for closing.    18 Democratic Senators had asked the USPS to delay the action as the Post Office was announcing it was going ahead full steam with it's reorganization plan.  They are trying to cut nearly 10 billion in defecits.   If the USPS goes through will all the potential cuts it has considered, up to 100,000 Postal Workers would be out of a job.