In a startling move that angered some activist groups, The Obama Administration's lawyers confirmed that if US Citizens embrace terrorism or it's activities against the US, they will be considered 'targets'

As in, targets for termination.   The attorneys referenced Anwar Al-Alwaki, the US born citizen who relocated to the Middle East and became a leading figure in Al-Quaida (known for his rantings promoting terrorism against the US delivered in English); during a national security conference in D.C. Thursday.  He was killed by a CIA led drone strike in September.  When asked about taking up arms against US citizens, the attorneys reiterated if they openly engage in war against the US, they will meet the same fate.   For once, the Obama Administration shows a backbone.  Used to be decades ago, US citizens who engaged in warfare or other actions deemed to be dangerous to the nation were considered guilty of treason, and were executed.

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