Kennewick's Newest Restaurant Was Inspired By Palm Springs And Las Vegas

Who loves brunch? A new Kennewick restaurant will soon open that'll feature brunch as its main attraction.

Austin Melonie Carroll
Austin Melonie Carroll

Kennewick's New Brunch Restaurant Will Be Colorful And Fun Inside

If Avocado Toast, Mimosa Flights, and Strawberry Waffles sound awesome, you'll love the new brunch restaurant that'll soon open in Kennewick at 3320 West Kennewick Ave.

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In an article from our news partner KNDU, Bougie Brunch is set to open up in July of 2022.


According to the article, owner Lore'K Garofola was inspired by trips to Palm Springs and Las Vegas and that's when the inspiration hit her to open up a brunch restaurant.

Bougie Brunch Is Set To Open Up In Mid-July Of 2022

Garofola says that the new restaurant will be full of color and offer a fun experience while you dine. There is a patio area with games and such and she's most proud that her menu will feature one-of-a-kind dishes.

Bougie Brunch will have an extensive menu and Garofola is saving some surprise dishes for opening day.

Garofola says you can expect Bougie Brunch to be a colorful and fun dining experience and that she was heavily inspired by her vacations so you'll see a lot of influences coming together to create Bougie Brunch.

The restaurant is set to open in Mid-July in Kennewick and if you'd like to read more details about the restaurant, click here for more details and you can check out Bougie Brunch's Facebook page here.

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