Sylvester and some other parks closing restrooms (Google street view)
Sylvester and some other parks closing restrooms (Google street view)

Due to what the City of Pasco and Pasco PD are calling vandalism and reports of drug use, four major parks will not have indoor bathrooms open anymore.

Pasco PD reports issues have closed the restrooms

According to information released by Pasco Police on Wednesday, May 10th:

"Due to ongoing vandalism, damage, and misuse of some City park bathrooms, staff cannot safely and sufficiently maintain them for public use."

They went on to say:

"Some of the things our staff have seen in the bathrooms are pretty rough, like fentanyl smoke and even fires!"

The four parks that from now on, til further notice, will only have porta-potties available include Sylvester Park, Volunteer Park, Highland Park, and Riverview Park. There are a total of 29 parks in Pasco, some with more land use space than others.

These four are some of the largest space-wise and represent about 15 percent of the city's public park-recreation areas.

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This is similar to issues that occurred earlier this year at Lawrence Scott Park on Canal Drive in Kennewick. That facility sees a lot of use with its four softball-baseball fields being utilized for softball and baseball tournaments in the spring and summer, and Soctty Field 1 is the home field for the Kamiakin High School softball team.

The restrooms are locked and out of order due to vandalism, no word on when repairs will be made. Porta-potties are also being used at Scotty.

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