Believe it or not, there are conservative, sensible actors in Hollywood!

We've loved the body of work of actor Jon Voight for years, but you may not know that also for years, he has supported the GOP and conservative causes.  Along with Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris, he's one of a handful of Hollywood stars who openly question the direction of the country.  Voight made a name for himself in such movies as Midnight Cowboy, Rainmaker, Enemy of the State, Runaway Train and more.

Voight, the father of Angelina Jolie, recently questioned the direction Obama is taking the nation, even claiming Obama is following in his father's Marxist footsteps:

"Well, his father was a Marxist — of course he was influenced by it,” Voight told Reveal Politics. “His mother, who led him towards his father’s Marxism – yes. His mentor was a fellow by the name of Frank Marshall Davis, he was a communist. And, of course, his alliances from that time on." (Fox News).

Voight is currently scoring a big success on the new Showtime Original series Ray Donovan, playing a crazy and edgy character - something he's done throughout his career.  He summed up Obama's performance so far this way:

"I have really big difficulties with what it going on, and it is not like I am in the dark… I can see the decisions he has made since he’s been President,”

Voight most recently campaigned extensively for the Sharon Angle GOP congressional campaign when she ran trying to unseat Harry Reid from the Senate in Nevada.

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