Imagine sitting at the OSCAR's during a video tribute to several famous industry people who died in the last year, only to see YOUR picture on the screen! It happened to the woman pictured in our story.

Besides the epic goof over the Movie of Year, which was actually Moonlight, but announced as LaLa Land, the movie award show aired a video tribute that featured a still-living designer.

The tribute portion of the show included four-time nominated costume designer Jan Patterson, who died last fall. However the video ran a picture of the still very much alive costume and dress designer Jan Chapman, pictured in our story. Chapman is a well-known designer and producer, who's work has been done in a lot of movies recently, including last year.

According to Variety Magazine, Chapman was devastated by the screw up, because she was a friend of Patterson, and they had worked together on several movies. The Motion Picture Academy is also under fire for not including Comedian Garry Shandling and actress Florence Henderson in the tribute.

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