Authorities are still searching for a dangerous mental patient who escaped earlier this week from Western State Hospital near Lakewood, WA. Reports indicate he was seen in the East Valley area near Spokane. Escapee Garver, pictured on right, is still at large.

28-year-old Anthony Garver supposedly purchased a Greyhound bus ticket and left Seattle for Spokane, where his parents live. The Spokane County Sheriff's office reports he was seen Thursday evening near Forker Road in East Valley.

Reports indicate he possibly has a stash of weapons hidden somewhere in that area as well. He has a history of violent behavior and threats, and has said he wants to "emulate" the Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh.

He was involuntarily committed to Western State Hospital in 2014 after a brutal murder in which he tied up a woman with extension chords and stabbed her 24 times. The woman, Phillipa S. Evans-Lopez died. Her family told news outlets they are "scared" he might come after them.

A Pierce County bus driver said he picked up Garver near the hospital, traveling East. He reportedly got off the bus and headed to the bus station.

Reports indicate Garver, and Mark Alexander Adams, 58, escaped through a window in which the bolts had been loosened. Adams was captured shortly after his escape in De Moines, WA without incident. Officials said he was calm and cooperated fully with officials, who described the event as "easy."

Western State Hospital has been under watch lately, and there have been hundreds of assaults on staff by inmates there, resulting in a number of injuries.  Garver himself has a previous criminal record, and according to hospital and medical staff, has "serious" mental issues, including schizophrenia.

Police say if anyone sees Garver, to call 911, keep their distance, and do not confront or try to get close to him.

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