By now you may have heard about the Washington State Senator who has 'commissioned' the Department of Natural Resources to locate and 'change' what she believes are 'racist' names of rivers, peaks and other Washington state geography.  Here's your chance to respectfully voice your opinion on this matter.

Senator Pramila Jayapal represents the 37th Legislative District which is part of Seattle (no surprise there!) She and the DNR have identified 48 places where she believes the name of the area is racist. The prime example listed so far has been 'Coon Creek' which is in King County. Never mind the Coon most likely refers to "Raccoon."

This represents perhaps the MOST blatant example of political correctness gone amuck.  When DNR and state officials could be working on more pressing duties, they are instead trying to rewrite history, without taking into account the context under which these names were changed.

She admitted many of the areas are very remote, and often, people don't even know about them. But the Senator claims these are reminders of a time when names and phrases used were offensive to people.

Click here for the contact information for Senator Jayapal. Drop a line or call, and remember, be civil!  But let her know your thoughts on this matter, and in our opinion, what a WASTE of taxpayer dollars this is.

Wonder if she will go after any of the number of areas in the West which utilize the name "Squaw" in them? By the way, the Senator is potentially going to run for Congress soon.

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