Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen has died at the age of 52, according to a statement from the Washington State GOP Senate Caucus.


According to AM 770 KTTH Radio in Seattle Ericksen said he was in rough shape after a bout with COVID following his return from a trip to El Salvador.

Why he was there is not known, but he was reportedly on the road to recovery in mid-November, according to reports.

From MyNorthwest.com:

 "He expressed in his email to colleagues that he had tested positive for COVID shortly after arriving in the country.

About a week later, the Associated Press reported the senator was in stable condition at a Florida hospital after a medevac flight, according to a former state lawmaker."

It is not known if Ericksen was vaccinated. He pushed hard against the mandates that fired thousands of workers for not being vaccinated. He also pushed hard against Inslee's Draconian lockdowns throughout the COVID period.

A variety of legislators released statements of condolence for Ericksen who leaves behind his wife Tasha and two daughters.

It is not immediately known what will be done to fill his Senate Seat when the legislature convenes in January.


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