County election officials are investigating ballots from the Wapato area because of what appear to be 'glaring' discrepancies between the signatures on the voter registration cards, and the ones on the ballots.

Yakima County officials say 32 ballots received from an area of Wapato do not match the ones on the voter registration cards, according to the Yakima Herald.

Officials are trained in a variety of ways to spot such discrepancies, one of them is the signature.  The Herald was told by county officials they routinely receive a few every election cycle where they don't match, but it's usually spread out randomly over the entire county. This is weird, said one official.

The county did not say if the suspicious ballots were all for one candidate.

So far, 88 questionable ballots have been taken in by the county, including the batch of 32 from Wapato. If the ballots are found to be, or strongly believed to be fraudulent, they will not be used in the final tally.

The investigation continues.

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