Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson claims his office has seen nearly 400 complaints or allegations from consumers over alleged price-gouging during the COVID-19 issue, since it began (especially the 'run' on TP and other goods).

For that reason, Tuesday, his office unveiled a new "see it, snap it, send it" price gouging reporting program.

According to sources, Ferguson says Washington state does not have specific price gouging statutes or mandates on the books, so he is depending upon people to report it.

There has been ample evidence of price gouging in certain online selling sites, where we saw people buying up toilet paper of hand sanitizer, then re-selling for boosted prices.  However, in many retail areas, especially at the gas pump, consumer has seen prices drop--even plummet.

Most large retail grocery stores do not appear to be inflating prices, they're having a hard enough time just keeping certain items in stock. Online at less than reputable sites, likely. But according to those who oppose this idea, it's not happening in most retail shops because price gouging is 'too obvious.'

There are also, say critics, certain market fluctuations that come with demand.  If certain products are in high demand, and there are fewer of them, it's not unusual for prices to rise until the demand comes down.

But apparently Ferguson believes there's price gouging going on, so the AG's office has set up this program.

To see the website where you report such activity, click on the button below.

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