Besides Obamacare, Gov. Jay Inslee last week unveiled his desire to create a state-run health care option.

In a nutshell, it would be basically a state version of Obamacare. According to sources, Inslee is seeking this to 'stabilize' the existing WA state Health Care Exchange, which has been troubled badly by double-digit premium increases. It also is facing assault from the Trump Administration as they attempt to dismantle Obamacare.

Inslee wants to set aside $500,000 to set up and 'test' the feasibility of such an idea. GOP Senate Republicans quickly countered the plan would plunge the state into even deeper debt, and there's just not enough money for that, especially with so much funding committed to education.

Senate Republicans had this to say in their release announcing the petition:

"Having access to affordable health care insurance is a major issue, but unlike Gov. Inslee, Republicans are providing real solutions that offer actual choice.

All Jay Inslee cares about is his presidential ambitions, not about the quality of health care or your pocketbook."

GOP Senate legislators have set up a petition, and are urging voters to sign it, to let Inslee know they don't want or need this costly plan.

To see and Sign (if you wish) the Petitiion, CLICK HERE.

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