According to Rep. Christopher Hurt (D) of Enumclaw, the fees proposed for applying for and obtaining a license to run a pot store are "too cheap." Hurt's proposal would create a certificate that an applicant would pay for as a precursor to obtaining a license, and it would increase the fees for the license and annual renewal. He says the state would be leaving money on the table if legalized marijuana is implemented as currently mandated.

In addition to raising fees, Hurt's bill would also allow the state-run marijuana stores to be 500 feet from schools, daycare centers and parks. Hurt says by allowing more leeway for the location of the stores, it will make them more accessible to customers. He says that would make it much harder for black market operations to thrive.

Many people might oppose the state marijuana stores being so close to schools and parks, but current zoning laws would place pot stores in out-of-the-way areas. Critics fear if people have to drive too far to get to the stores, they will just seek out illegal operations closer to home.

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