While the Gov. Gregoire supported gay marriage bill will get most of the headlines, the biggest issue facing the WA State Legislature will be shoring up the1 billion budget shortfall.

Last week Governor Gregoire said she would sponsor a  gay marriage bill, making Washington the 7th state to have such provisions, if it passes.  But the biggest issue facing the lawmakers is how to cut into an expected one billion dollar shortfall in the State's budget.  Several proposals have already been considered, and action starting to be taken on, but it's a huge task.  Gregoire has also proposed a half cent 'temporary' sales tax to help shore up the problem, but it doesn't solve the issue of continued defecit spending.   State Senato Mark Schoesler recalls that when the 'temporary' tax to fund the renovations of SafeCo Field were passed,  west side legislators attempted not long ago, to keep the tax as permanent.  He and other fear the same would happen with this new temporary idea of Gregoire's.