Mothers Against Drunk Driving has released a report claiming WA state is among the nation's leaders in DUI fatalities, but also one of the best at passing legislation curbed at getting drunk drivers off the road.

In the report, MADD claims in 2009 there were 206 DUI related deaths on Washington roads; 42% of all in-state fatalities were related to drunken drivers-either the driver or victims.  MADD says that's the 4th highest percentage in the US.  However, state officials say significant changes have occured in just the short time since 2009, and they say the data is slightly inaccurate.  The report also claims law enforcement officers stopped over 20,000 intoxicated motorists, of which 2,100 were 5-time repeat offenders.  MADD wants to implement what is call "no refusal weekends" where judges would be on call to grant necessary authority for mandantory blood draws if a suspected driver refused to take a breathalyzer test.  While many applaud MADD's efforts, some view this mandantory blood draw as a serious invasion of privacy, regardless of whether the driver is impaired or not.   When someone refuses a breathalyzer, they receive mandantory jail time anyway.