The wildfires burning throughout Washington state are so bad, officials are now doing something that's NEVER been done in our history - ask for volunteer fire help.

Washington state officials are faced with strained resources, and more fires than they can deploy trained crews adaquately, so the call has gone out.

Fortunately, the state has been literally inundated with offers to help.  According to NW Cable News, here's how it's being handled to make sure these helpers are where they are needed:

"... the agency has set up coordination centers in Omak and Colville, where equipment operators can get training in how to deploy emergency shelters and other basics. Some 80 equipment operators earned their certification at a training session in Colville earlier this month.

DNR says the centers will direct the citizens to where they can be useful without jeopardizing safety. Deployment to a wildfire will depend on the availability of professional firefighting staff to escort and direct the volunteers."

The Department of Natural Resources said in a release this was a first in the history of Washington state, which entered into statehood in 1889.  Anyone who wishes to help fight the fires or provide logistical support, here is contact information:

OMAK - Email Jay Guthrie: or call 360-826-2546

COLVILLE - Email Julie Sacket: or call 509-675-7847