A new report released by the Washington State Department of Transportation claims studded tires cause numerous roads -especially I-90 - to deteriorate well before they're scheduled for maintenance.

The study has revived discussions about legislators possibly suggesting  (again) if they should be banned.

Several times over the past few decade legislators have considered the idea, but public outcry against it made such bills die in the state legislature.   Several legislators submitted legislation but the bills were defeated in Olympia.

The WSDOT says over $27 million dollars in damage was done in 2014 to roads in our state.    WA law only allows their use during winter months, but some experts say they're not needed at all.  The department says numerous stretches of I-90 have had to be repaired several years before they were due for regular scheduled maintenance.

However, many motorists say they prefer the added stability and safety they feel when driving in winter conditions.  Illinois, Minnesota and Maryland have banned their use year-round.

But this season, with the state facing extreme budget shortfalls in 2015,  many experts say don't be surprised if legislators again introduce bills that would ban the tires.   But if history shows anything,  there's a good chance they will again be rejected before becoming law.



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