Based on the fact that they've had very few cases lately, in fact reports indicate no new cases the last 8 days, Walla Walla Health Department officials have filed the paperwork to have the county move to Phase 2 in Gov. Inslee's Four Phase recovery program.

Spokane and Adams were cleared to apply for Phase 2 this last week. Walla Walla hope to get to the stage soon, which would include restaurants operating at 50% capacity and would 'officially' open hair and nail salons, among other businesses.

WWHD figures show no new cases in last 8 days, they've had a total of 106 total, and of those, 101 have officially recovered. Many are wondering why the county was placed on lockdown in the first place, given the very low level of COVID activity.

 Only 2 persons directly linked to COVID had died during the pandemic in the county.

It is not known how long it will take the state to review the application, which was filed Thursday May 21.

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