According to a new study released by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), three Washington cities are in the top 30 nationally, per capita, when it comes to getting your car swiped.

New data has just been released for 2016, and Spokane is the #1 place in Washington, Oregon or Idaho, and comes in at #20 nationally. Seattle and the King County metro comes in at #2 in NW and 22 overall, and Yakima 3rd in NW and 27th nationally.

The study ranks car thefts per the population, and establishes not only overall rates, rates per every thousand cars, but also the chances that YOUR vehicle will come up missing.

This is actually somewhat of an improvement for our neighbors to the Northwest, a few years ago Yakima ranked in the Top Ten nationally (per capita) in stolen car rates, out of all the cities in the U.S.

Where is your car most likely to be stolen? The highest rate in the entire country? Albuquerque, New Mexico! Who knew?  Coming in at #2 was Bakersfield, CA followed by Modesto, CA at #3.

By the way, Tri-Cities comes in at #159 nationally, and Walla Walla at 168, so we're just a bit safer!


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