March 31 we told you about a 49-year-old suspect wanted in connection with an alleged break-in in Kennewick, now he's facing possible assault charges.

Kennewick police say a 30-year-old Yakima woman visiting the area told them she had gotten 'hooked up' with Alan Hooper, and that he had promised her a ride back to Yakima. However, she told police he drove her around to various locations and eventually ended up a the truck stop at 7th and Highway 395.

The woman told police Hooper used force to drag her from his vehicle, in the process tearing out a large clump of her hair. She fled to a nearby house, and asked the person to call 911.  While officers attended to the woman, other units swooped in on the truck stop but by that time Hooper was gone.

Anyone with any information on his whereabouts, or anyone who sees him, is asked to call (509)-628-0333. All leads are confidential.

Another image of suspect (Kennewick police)
Another image of suspect (Kennewick police)

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