The effort began a few months ago with the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), and now the Washington State Farm Bureau (WFB) has joined in the fight.

The NFIB and Farm Bureau are launching a media campaign, with radio and television ads, pushing back against Gov. Inslee's proposed carbon tax against businesses and those he deems to be "polluters."

Inslee, who was supported with millions of dollars in the election by environmental groups, has been pushing for a carbon tax on businesses he believes cause global warming -and it includes farmers. A list that was not supposed to be "leaked" surfaced earlier this year, showing dozens of businesses and  catagories Inslee felt needed to pay because of their pollution. It included most of the major agricultural and food processors in our region.

The Farm Bureau began their campaign by releasing this video, which features David Degan, owner of Degan Farms in Fairfield, WA. It's a prototypical little farming town of just over 600 people, about 30 miles Southeast of Spokane, in Spokane County.

Washington Farm Bureau Executive Director John Stuhlmiller released this statement Friday about Inslee's proposals:

“Washington state farmers are stewards of the land and are uniquely committed to ensuring and improving our state’s economy and environmental quality of life. However, it is vital that Governor Inslee and state lawmakers realize that increasing the cost of fuel will not achieve either of those outcomes."

Watch the WFB video below.