Oops!   In yet another example of the clown show that Obamacare has turned into,  Washington Healthcare Exchange officials say an "error" caused thousands of people who enrolled for healthcare starting in 2015 to have their policies cancelled.

Healthcare CEO Richard Onizuka says the erroneous cancellation affected both their enrollment and and payment.

Officials said a process called an "automated enrollment cancellation process" was mistakenly run on these accounts.   Best as we can tell,  somebody, or the software itself,  automatically gassed thousands from the system.   The reasons behind why this occurred was not divulged by the Exchange.  Based upon previous incidents and errors, they probably don't know why it happened.

Onizuka said the affected customers will be contacted and have their policies restored.    That's of little consolation especially if the policy holders need to use their insurance in January, and the state hasn't gotten around to fixing it yet.

The 6,000 cancellations are a large percentage of the people who signed up for coverage during the most recent enrollment period.  Officials won't say if it's nearly all of the new enrollees.


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