You know as well as we do, if OUR IT people had had this much difficulty with our websites or yours at YOUR job, they would have been f-i-r-e-d- months ago!

But in the government sector, apparently that's ok. According to the Washington Times, this week officials were given an update on computer issues that kept thousands of people from using their new healthcare plan insurance.

Tuesday,  Washington Health Benefit Exchange Board officials got an update from Associate Operations Director Bob Finnegan.  Some 7,700 people reportedly had billing issues resolved.  However, the exchange has reported some 6,000 accounts were affected, most with policies serving multiple people.

Officials didn't know how many total people were affected by those 6,000 policies.   Some of the problems were fixed by going through each individual account and fixing or correcting entries, others by software changes.

According to officials, another 171 code fixes are required to ward off or correct more problems.   Only!