Pop Quiz! Can you name Washington State's motto?

unsplash/rc victorino
unsplash/rc victorino

No worries, if you don't know, I'll give you a pass. Washington State doesn't have an official motto that's been sanctioned but we do have an unofficial motto that you might not know about.

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Washington State is known as the Evergreen State and its state bird is the American Goldfinch.

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unsplash/jordan plihal

What Is The Official Motto Of Washington State?

If you ever feel the need to sing the Washington State song which is Washington, My Home.

You'll have to double-check those lyrics if you want to sing that song at the top of your lungs!

Here are some lyrics from the state song:

Washington, my home; Where ever I may roam; This is my land, my native land, Washington, my home. Our verdant forest green, Caressed by silvery stream; From mountain peak to fields of wheat. Washington, my home. There’s peace you feel and understand In this, our own beloved land. We greet the day with head held high, And forward ever is our cry.

There are a lot of symbols that are tied to Washington State including the state flower, state fruit, and state vegetable. I'm sure you know the apple and the Walla Walla sweet onion are obvious for our state but what is the state motto?

unsplash/caleb riston
unsplash/caleb riston

Can You Name The State Motto Of Washington State?

You'd be surprised to discover the state motto is "Alki". It means "bye and bye". Alki is a Native American word that originally meant "into the future".

Is Alki The Official Motto Of Washington State?

It's not an official legislative motto but most Washingtonians recognize Alki as the motto of Washington State.

If you're ever on Jeopardy, know you'll know the answer.

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