After on again, off again, then on again, finally Loren Culp and Gov. Jay Inslee will debate.

It will probably go down as the most watched state governor's debate in WA history. Initally, Inslee had wanted to do it from his home (where his handlers could feed him answers and information).  He'd said it was due to COVID, but Culp's people said no to that.

Then Inslee demanded they be in separate rooms at the TVW studios in Olympia, and Culp said no to that. They countered with expanding the social distancing to ten feet. Finally, according to the Washington State Debate Commission, the two will debate each other from adjoining rooms at the facility.

TVW is basically the C-SPAN of Washington state.

It will be streamed live on TVW, and we have a link below to the broadcast.  Some Seattle TV stations are going to broadcast it live,  some Spokane TV outlets offering it digitally-online.  We're not aware of any local network (CBS, ABC, NBC)  TV stations carrying coverage, so we're sending along the TVW link. Tri-Cities PBS affiliate KTNW will be carrying it, here is a link to their broadcast schedule of the event.

To see the link to TVW click on the button below.

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